Monday, April 20, 2009

Maddie's BIG girl room...

It is a sad day sweet girl Maddie is growing up soon to be 5. She is coming into her own and has decided she needs a big girl room. And this big girl room needs to be up stairs with her brother. Much to my dismay...she may be right. I have a sneaky suspicion my troubles have just begun!!!

Inspired by Michael Millers Sea Beauties we're off and running.

I made a pattern to match the fabric...trying not to make it to difficult to hand applique.

Pieced it.

Hand (sewing machine really)appliquéd her...Surprisingly it looks like a mermaid pillow.

Viola...Maddie's very happy with it. I'm off to begin machine appliquéing blocks for the quilt, curtains and MORE pillows.

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